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Transmission is our Middle Name

If your car isn’t shifting smoothly, you’ve lost the ability to reverse and your check engine light is on, you need to come see us. We use the latest diagnostic testing equipment to pinpoint your issue. We have the ability to rebuild and repair your transmission on site. 

Our technicians have decades of combined  experience on all makes and models of vehicles no matter if they are foreign or domestic, standard or automatic. 

Regular transmission maintenance is key and you can trust Arkansas Transmission to ensure your transmission system is working smoothly. Check with us if you’ve been told by another shop that you need a transmission repair, we can provide a second opinion and peace of mind.

What we offer:

Transmission Service to maintain a healthy transmission:

  • Come see us when you hit the mileage recommendation specific to your automobile

Free diagnostic:

  • Check fluid level and condition
  • Brief road test to check shift quality, shift patterns and transmission performance
  • Visually check for leaks
  • Verbally advise customer

$50 full diagnostic (Not Charged if Repairs are Completed):

  • Connect with diagnostic scanner to detect diagnostic trouble codes, clutch volume index
  • Check battery voltage
  • Road test with diagnostic scanner
  • Raise vehicle on lift
  • Visually inspect:
    • Transmission
    • Transmission cooler
    • Transmission lines
    • Transmission fittings 
    • Transfer Case
    • Differentials
    • U-Joints
    • Yokes
    • Mounts
  • Inspect all electrical connections
  • Drop and inspect transmission pan
  • Give customer list of results and written estimate for recommended repairs
  • Free towing within local area, $50 discount on out of the area tows.

We provide a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty and we also have nationwide warranties available. 

As a family owned and operated business we all take pride in being a part of ATC!
As a family owned and operated business we all take pride in being a part of ATC!

Transmission Rebuilds


It's Time For a Rebuild

No one is happy to hear that it's time to have their transmission rebuilt, but we will make sure the job is done right, in a timely manner and as cost effectively as possible.

Not Every Transmission is the Same

Front Wheel Drives, Rear Wheel Drives, Standards and CVT's, each one is drastically different from the other. Each one has it's own challenges, but our staff has the knowledge to rebuild your transmission and expand the life of your vehicle.

How We Do It - Automatic Transmissions

Now it's time to get started: 

The first thing we do is to remove the transmission from your vehicle. Once the transmission is removed we will flush the transmission cooler lines to insure that any particulate matter from your failed transmission is removed from your vehicles transmission cooler lines, cooler and radiator. This process is done with a Hot Flush system that circulates heated transmission fluid through the entire cooler system. Your transmission is then taken to our onsite Rebuild Shop. Once in the Rebuild Shop the transmission is disassembled and cleaned. Once clean the individual parts are inspected to determine what hard parts (parts such as gears, shafts, planetary's and drums) are indicating wear and what hard parts show defect and failure. At this point we also remove all soft parts (parts that are meant to wear such as bearings, bushings, seals and clutches) and prepare our parts list. Parts are then ordered for the transmission rebuild. Electronics and solenoids are tested and/or replaced.

Once parts have arrived for the rebuild, all soft parts are replaced and all hard parts are reassembled inside of the transmission case. A new torque converter is placed on the transmission and it is then reinstalled in the vehicle. Once reinstalled the transmission's computer is then reprogrammed to update any software necessary to insure proper operation. After the programming the vehicle is then test driven and adaptive learning resets (the transmission will actually relearn its owners driving habits through time) are worked through. Once completed your vehicle is now ready to go home!

Standard Transmissions

Standard Transmissions are entirely different from its Automatic cousin. After the transmission is removed from the vehicle it is then disassembled and cleaned. Once clean the hard parts are inspected to determine which parts are worn or have failed. Parts are ordered and once received reassembled within the transmission case. The transmission is reinstalled into the vehicle and away you go.


All of our in-house transmissions have a standard 12-month / 12,000 mile warranty. We also provide free transmission services for the lifetime of the transmission. One thing that we promise is that we do stand behind our transmissions after the warranty ends. What this means is we have the expectation that our product will last much longer than the standard warranty. If the transmission fails or developes issues after the warranty period please bring it back to us so that we can work with you to get the issue corrected. We appreciate you and want to make a lifelong customer of you so never hesitate to give us a call with issues or questions. 

Please Note: Though we try to work with all customers, vehicles that are subjected to harsh use, off road conditions or are modified with oversize wheels, tires and lifts will be subject to our standard warranty.


Pricing on Automatic Transmissions is quoted in advance of the rebuild and prices vary from transmission to transmission. 

Pricing on Standard Transmissions will be a set labor fee plus parts. We are unable to give a upfront price quote on these transmissions due to the unknown reason of the failure and the availability of the parts. Clutches can also be suspect in these situations and the need for a clutch replacement can not be determined until the transmission removal. We will always do our best to be good stewards of your resources and will work to insure a quality job at the lowest price possible.  

We're More Than Transmissions

Though our associates don't need oversight, it's good to keep a keen eye on Curtis.

Drivetrain Services

Maintaining the CV Axles and Differentials in your automobile is key to insuring your vehicles long life. When pops and vibrations grab your attention bring your car or truck by for a free inspection to see if your CV Axles, Bearings or Differentials are the culprit.

Transfer Case Service & Repair

The Transfer Case on your truck goes through pretty harsh use. To insure that your 4-Wheel Drive stays in top shape  and is ready to hit the dirt roads when you are schedule a transfer case service to keep it in tip top shape. When the time comes to replace seals or have repairs done Arkansas Transmission Company will make the repairs and get you back in the woods again!

Differential Service & Repair

Differentials are seldom thought of when it comes time to service your vehicle, but the condition of these critical parts of your drivetrain can be the difference in getting where you want to go or sitting on the side of the road. Arkansas Transmission Company can service your differentials or even repair them in case of a failure. Let our experienced staff check out your differential to insure a long life for your vehicle. 

Customer Service Guaranteed!

CV Axles & Bearings

CV Axles and Bearings are the most common wear items in the driveline of yourvehicle. The CV Axle connects the differential to the wheels and tires. Pops, clacks and a strange feel in your steering wheel while turning is a sure sign that your CV Axles need a inspection. 

Bearings keep your axles firmly in the hub assembly or rear differential. Vibrations or a roaring noise are signs that your bearings are in need of replacement. 

5-Star Service & Repair

Dana Engelbert *****

 I didn't know if my car had ever had transmission service, but at 120K+ miles, it was needed. Other service stations recommended a transmission flush. After my drain and fill at Arkansas Transmission, my car shifts smoothly, no hesitation. A definite improvement. This team knows its stuff!

Shannon Dixon *****

 Great customer service! They went above and beyond to help my family get my daughter's car running again. Everyone was friendly, professional, knowledgable and trustworthy. I highly recommend Arkansas Transmission Company. 

 Tiffany Larsen*****

Fantastic work, trustworthy and a friendly staff! Highly recommend these guys to get the job done!

We Take Care of Our Customers After the Warranty Ends

Who We Serve

We are proud to serve all individuals, businesses and organized entities that have permanent license and registration (sorry no temporary or dealer tags) on their vehicles. 

Menu / Price List

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Legal Mumbo Jumbo

Storage Fees

Any vehicle left after 10-days of work completion is subject to a $50 a week storage fee unless other arrangements have been made. If you plan on a delayed pick-up please let us know so that we can put other vehicles in line for repair before yours.

Abandoned Vehicles

Any vehicle left over 45-days of work completion is subject to a lien or an application for title with the state. All fees associated with this process will be passed on to the customer or re-cooperated upon the liquidation of the vehicle.