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$25 Discount Coupon on Transmission Service

Servicing Your Transmission

Servicing your car's transmission per the guidelines provided by the auto manufacturer is critical in assuring the best performance and longest life for your vehicle. 

Though many shops suggest flushing your transmission, we do not find that flushing always has a positive affect on the transmission, in some cases flushing leads to premature transmission failure. When transmission slipping or clunking is evident prior to flushing, those symptoms will still exist after the flushing procedure and may even be worse. At Arkansas Transmission Company we service your transmission by removing the pan and inspect your transmission, afterwards we replace the filter,  reseal the pan and fill the transmission with the fluid specified by the manufacturer. 

The performance of your car is very important to us. Give us a call today so we can discuss the specifics of your car and the best course of action to keep you on the road and you and your family moving. 

For a limited time, we are offering a $25 discount coupon on a regular transmission service - just mention this coupon when calling!  Call us at 479-751-1970 or contact us